Furnished apartments in
Berlin Kreuzberg

This district is pretty much changing and is getting more and more popular for “New Berliners”. In Kreuzberg you will encounter sizzling life during the day and throughout the whole night. You can find lots of Turkish shops, galleries, funky fashion and record stores, cafés and oriental restaurants between Oranienstrasse, Mariannenplatz and Görlitzer Bahnhof. At night time life takes place in bars and clubs. Nowhere else in Berlin is it better to get an impression of a multi-cultural society than here in this district. To rent a furnished apartment in Berlin Kreuzberg is really exciting as people from different countries of origin live next door to one another. The range of furnished apartments in Kreuzberg includes options in restored buildings with high stucco-decorated ceilings as well as less attractive functional buildings from the post-war period. The rents here are very reasonable and fair. Although along side Bergmannstrasse and Chamissoplatz the rents for furnished apartments are slightly higher. Also a very popular but higher priced alternative are the posh lofts in the former industrial courtyards along the Paul-Linke-Ufer. Here are the artists, people who work in the film industry and the creative. There is a wide range of variety and interesting furnished apartments in Kreuzberg.